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Jacob Rucquoi
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United States
I have been a total Bionicle nut ever since they first came out when I was in Kinderarten. Now I'm a freshman in college, and when I'm not doing homework or hanging out with my fellow nerds, I can be found in my room building Bionicles or writing Bionicle fanfiction.

please leave comments on my deviations; i like knowing what people think!


Saronicle's Bionicle Meme by JacobLazer
Saronicle's Bionicle Meme
So I started filling this out immediately after Saronicle published it, but I haven't gotten to finishing it until today :p hope you like it!
Sasi - Toa of Ice by JacobLazer
These are two different versions of Sasi, one of my Toa OCs.  Although Sasi is a girl, you can see that in the first version (above) she looks WAY too masculine.  After a long time on DA however I had seen my fair share of other people's Toa MOCs, and I was inspired to rebuild Sasi and all the other Toa in her team (a task more easily said than done, as she has nine other teammates!).  The new version of Sasi (below) is inspired by Ira-Nui's MOCs.Toa Sasi by JacobLazer

DeviantART has also pushed me to try things outside of my comfort zone, one of the best examples being KaziRede's Bionicle Meme.  I had seen other people do it, and I wanted to do it too.  At the time I had never done a sprite project this big, so I was really intimidated as I did it.
Kazirede's Bionicle Meme by JacobLazer

DeviantART also inspired me to make these little dudes. :D  They're actually my favorite MOCs because theyre so adorable!
Baby Dragon by JacobLazerChibi Rahkshi by JacobLazer

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Toa Jakorak by JacobLazer
Toa Jakorak
I recently decided to revamp my Toa team, the Toa Rukua.  Now they are no longer built like clones, so they are each more unique than they were before.

Name: Jakorak (JACK-o-rack)
Element: Light
Mask: Kanohi Velakez, the Great Mask of Deflection.  Allows the user to reverse any physical attack on their body.  For example, if you punched Jakorak when his mask is activated, you would feel the punch instead of him.  Works the same as Balta's twin repellers.
Toa Tools: Prismatic Slashers
Biography: To some, it would appear that Jakorak's head is stuck in the clouds.  Although this is often true, he usually notices things that others miss, while at the same time missing things that would be obvious to others.  He loves sharing jokes and enjoys messing around with Zakita and Trelex.  He also enjoys spending time with Pronak, both in training or just chilling.  He is extremely agile and is an excellent fighter.  He is also quite adept with his powers.  He doesn't really like his natural white and gold color scheme so he usually goes with some combination of lime green and black, although sometimes he will display other colors just for fun.
Changes to MOC: Jakorak has been almost entirely rebuilt. His thighs are longer with new armor, as are his upper arms.  His torso has been rebuilt with a Inika body and Inika shoulder piece.  Of course, he still has lots of little trans neon green details!
Toa Pronak by JacobLazer
Toa Pronak
I recently decided to revamp my Toa team, the Toa Rukua.  Now they are no longer built like clones, so they are each more unique than they were before.

Name: Pronak (PRO-nack)
Element: Water
Mask: Kanohi Ularu, the Great Mask of Duplication.  Allows the user to create a complete duplicate of themselves.  The only difference between the original being and the copy is that only the original being can terminate the mask's effect.  Only one duplicate can be made at a time.
Toa Tools: Tidal Knives
Biography: Despite her diminutive height (at least as far as Toa are concerned) Pronak is really tough.  She can often be found training with her duplicate, and as a result she is the best fighter on the team.  She enjoys spending time with Jakorak, partly because they both really like each other and partly because he is one of the only other Toa who can keep up to her during training.
Changes to MOC: Pronak's torso has been rebuild in a similar manner to Verau's, with a modified version of Kiina's torso.  I'm rather proud of my use of a mask for her chest armor since I've never used a mask like that before.  I switched her mask for a different Rau sculpt because I was starting to dislike what I had done to her mask in the previous version.  In this version, some of the "water droplets" on the forehead have been whittled off, and the corners of the mask on the cheeks have been trimmed down to allow for more neck movement.  She's also got new feet because her old ones looked WAY too big.
Toa Zakita by JacobLazer
Toa Zakita
I recently decided to revamp my Toa team, the Toa Rukua.  Now they are no longer built like clones, so they are each more unique than they were before.

Name: Zakita (za-KEE-tah)
Element: Air
Mask: Kanohi Rasuun, the Great Mask of Density.  Gives the user control over their body's molecular density, allowing them to either become intangible like a ghost or rock-solid.
Toa Tools: Typhoon Shuriken
Biography: Zakita loves to goof around, to the point that some might even consider him lazy.  He loves to pull pranks on Hedak with Trelex or crack a joke with Jakorak, although his easygoing personality allows him to get along reasonably well with most of his team.  His slight build allows him to move quickly in a fight.
Changes to MOC: Zakita has been almost entirely redone.  His thigh and shoulder armor now match (I think they looked ridiculous before :p).  His torso is a modified build of Kiina's body with Inika armor to make him appear taller and skinnier, although now I can only fit one jetpack piece on his back instead of two like before.  I'm really pleased with how he turned out. :)


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1. When writing in treespeak, most fans add a synonym to a common word.  For example, "fast" becomes "quick-fast," and "find" becomes "seek-find."
2. Some of the canon treespeak terms are more primitive sounding.  For example, "lifedawn" means "birth," "ground-bound" means "unable to fly," and "uptree" means "higher up in a tree."
3. Read some of the old Bionicle books, or some other fanfictions (I'd reccomend JarODragon's "Gate to the Great Beings" trilogy) to get a feel for it.
4. Have fun with it!
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